Financial Designations

Financial Designations – The ABC and XYZ Of It

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When is comes to letters and numbers the world of financial services is hard to beat. Beyond the gold standard, CFP, there’s the ChFC, PFS, LUTCF, CLU, CMA, CFA, CMFS, CIMA, CPA and well, I could keep going. Don’t forget the numbers- Series 66, 6, 7, 63, 65, and again- there are many more. In fact, I recently found a website that must have had at least 100 different designations. Why do I bring this…

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Indian Motorcycle

Financial Advisor Fees – Has The Fee War Gone Too Far?

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Would you go to plastic surgeon who promised no bill for his services?  How about a dentist who asks only for a couple bucks?   Or a mechanic who says he’ll trade a candy bar for fixing your brakes.  At first, it may sound great- but as the oxygen mask gets lowered over your face and you’re wheeled into the operating room would you have a second thought?  Why is this guy doing it for…

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Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC)

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Care for aging adults, or long term care (LTC), is an important financial planning consideration for any adult over the age 50.  Indeed, one of the greatest fears many seniors have is how they will afford an extended nursing home stay, should one be necessary.  While twenty years ago LTC insurance plans provided guarantees that their very affordable premiums would never increase, the same is no longer true.  Instead, seniors now are faced with pricey…

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Dave, Suze, and Ed

Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman – Financial Celebrities

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No doubt you’ve seen them on television, heard them on the radio, or maybe even come across them in your church.  Names like Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey and Ed Slott are, among others, the financial personalities of the 21st century.  They seem to have your best interest in mind.  And the people in the audience look and sound just like you.  And in the case of Dave Ramsey, they may even use bible verses to…

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Credit Cards

What’s In Your Wallet?

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As we talk about credit this year I thought we might take a month to discuss credit cards and credit card rewards programs.  Perhaps this discussion is no better started than to ask, “What’s in my own wallet?”  The answer?  Three credit cards and two debit cards. First, the debit cards- one is a debit/credit card that is used for business purchasing purposes and to make deposits in my business checking account.  The second is…

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