Since Chrome started back in 2009, we’ve made an effort to maintain a good web presence for our clients. As things continue to evolve, we decided it was time to revamp our website. Please take some time to look around. We welcome any feedback our visitors have.

Rather than our old static site, we are going to regularly update and maintain our blog. In the past, we had been using Twitter to make updates and announcements, but we didn’t see the traction or meaningful engagement that we were looking for. Unfortunately in this business, you can’t alway make an impact with a TwitPic and 140 characters.

Newsletters are another common way for advisors to interact with clients. Like Twitter, emails get lost in the mix of everyday life. Most people don’t read lengthy emails about the economy or financial markets when they have heaps of work emails to address.

With that being said, our new website and blog is intended to be the perfect combination of information and convenience. We encourage clients and visitors to browse these posts at your leisure. If anything should peak your interest please feel free to reach out with questions or comments.

Thanks for visiting!


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