Retirement is an integral piece of any financial plan. Whether you are just getting started or already enjoying retirement, we can help you develop actionable ways to reach your goals.


Diversifiy your portfolio and develop an asset allocation plan based on your unique objectives. We combine proven investment strategy with the highest level of client service and attention.


Leave a lasting legacy by developing your estate planning strategy. Make sure you have the proper wills, trusts, and directives in place to accomplish your wishes and provide for heirs.


Life, long-term care, and disability insurance are effective tools to protect you and your family. Review your policies to make sure you have adequate coverage and are paying the right amount.


Effective tax strategies can save investors millions of dollars. Incorporate taxes into your long-term financial plan to produce better results to help you reach your goals with confidence.


Philanthropy is an important part of many people’s lives. Charitable and donor-advised funds can be great ways to leave behind a lasting legacy and care for causes that are meaningful to you.


Flat Hourly Rate


Certified Financial Planner ™ professionals provide hourly financial advice based on need. While one household may need a full written financial plan that covers everything from budgeting to college savings, another may only need a quick review of their employer 401k investment allocations.

Certified Financial Planner ™ practitioners perform all the financial planning right here in Colorado. We only charge based on time spent developing the plan and not for time spent gathering data or presenting results.

Written Financial Plans
401k Review & Rebalancing
Life Insurance Analysis
Social Security Optimization
Estate Plan Review



Education, experience, and fiduciary responsibility are key to a successful experience.

Steve Zakelj - VP, Financial Planning

Can you name a few specific examples of hourly financial planning work?

Here are some recent examples of hourly financial planning work that we do for clients:

  • Complete Written Financial Plans
  • Annual 401k Review & Rebalance
  • Asset Allocation Advice
  • Insurance Review and Pricing Analysis
  • Social Security Income Claiming Strategy

Can I use you for a one off question, or do I have to become a long term client?

Yes, even if you have just one question or problem, we can focus on answering just that. Please note, however, there is a 1 hour minimum for all financial planning services.

Why is it important for a CFP ® to prepare my financial plan?

Certified Financial Planner ™ professionals have gone through the rigorous testing process and are committed to improving their knowledge of the financial planning practice.

Please click here to learn more about the CFP certification and why it is important.

Do you guys use the latest financial planning software?

Yes, we utilize the same software as our more well-known competitors. While technology is an important piece of our toolkit, we strongly believe our competent Certified Financial Planners provide the most value to the planning process.

Unlike many financial planning firms, we don’t outsource our work. CFP ® professionals do all the financial planning right here in Colorado.